What revolution!

Located in the Appio-Latino district, a wonderful attic set in a modern and silent building.
The priority was to create both a practical and outlandish apartment, full of polished details.
Eclectic Style, Interior Design _ Roma

A crackling of styles, inspirations and different epochs; a coherent and well studied combination that wants to surprise you. The eclectic style is pure experimentation; it goes beyond time and traditions by remaining a good setting for luxury furniture.

If you like the modern style but you don’t want to renounce rococò decoration and an antic flavour, we offer you a special artwork house, designed in Roma. The interior design expresses its creative energy by inverting the rules; the architecture changes the classic living and sleeping area’s partition.

The colors of the walls move around the hues of grey that with their neutral tones are the perfect frame for the beautiful furniture. The spectacular decorative elements like prints of classic iconography, relics and geometric accessories made by glass or steel create a balanced short circuit.

For this project we chose the following products

Between memory and change
A peaceful spot
Light lines, essential forms
An attic full of life

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