An attic full of life

An attic set in Gianicolense district with wide and bright rooms, and an enviable view.
It was necessary to make a cozy and flexible house, which grows together with the family who lives in it.
Modern Style, Interior Design _ Roma

Energetic and saturated colours surround theampious and modular rooms without any structural restrictions. The modern style has an interior design studied to be flexible and grow together with playful and irreverent elements and same pop inspirations with your family.

The two hundred metres squared attic on the Rome skyline has a breath-taking view. While walking in the interconnected rooms you experience spontaneous feelings and good vibes.

The sober and neutral kitchen is signed by Composit: it’s free of handles and it has titanium finishes; the smooth surfaces are made by frosted glass. The grey oak of the breakfast bar exalts the hues of the wood. Kubric lamps made by gold and bronze and designed by Contardi light up the space.

The master bedroom walls from Wall&Decò collection are in synergy with the bed made by Cantori. The bed is naturally sand-colored and the context is enriched by the turquoise linen from Frette. On the terrace we set a football pitch surrounded by a net and a small swimming pool. In this way the terrace becomes a place to play and as well a relaxing spot. A dynamic and lively home, all to be experienced.

For this project we chose the following products

Between memory and change
A peaceful spot
Light lines, essential forms

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