An unique home,
An exclusive boutique,
A charming experience

Dive into a special place, created by the balance of aesthetics and functionality

The space has been perceived as a home, our home.

An elegant entrance, a spacious living room, an accurate mis en place. The fluid corridors bring you into an exclusive and cozy bedroom. In every corner, a detail.

Our love for the details is enriched by art. We like being welcomed in this familiar and intimate contest as much for it to change the prospective.

Our home, in the heart of Rome, transforms itself into a boutique; it allows you to discover all the displayed products, selected from the latest trends. The interior design showroom is centered on the made in Italy and prestigious international brands.

Ours is a living space and design is the main protagonist. The furniture, the accessories and the artworks with their materials and colours amalgamate into a unique, refined and equilibrated atmosphere.


We welcome you, we listen and we give you qualified advice so you can enjoy living and residing. We accompany you in a customized journey, made by functionality, research and selection.

Discover our notebook, where you can find what happens around here.
Our work in the Studio, our events, expositions and promotional moments to make you feel part of the team.