A peaceful spot

Just outside Rome gates, a two-storey house with private access, garden and porch.
The desire was to have a refined place with an impressive facade and essential interiors.
Minimal Style, Interior Design _ Roma

Vast glass windows without curtains and essential designed lamps immerge you by light in a space where you are the protagonist. With the minimal style we let you travel with your thoughts without distractions.

The ambiences are dominated by neutral and monochrome walls which invite you in meditation. The colours are allowed only in delimited spots. There are no frills or obstacles. We use a few decorations like modern painting and contemporary sculptures and some luxury furniture.

In the project designed in Rome we have privileged materials such as wood, cement, resin, metal and chromium steel; leather for sofas and armchairs, crystal and glass for the tables. Lacquered furniture and shelf surfaces are shaped in squares.

For this project we chose the following products

Between memory and change
Light lines, essential forms
An attic full of life

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