Light lines, essential forms

Not far from Fori Imperiali, the apartment is exposed to light making it bright all day long.
The exigency was to create a functional and impressive house by putting together practicality and sense of beauty.
Urban Style, Interior Design _ Roma

Wide and spacious spaces, loft, open-spaces where your eyes can move around freely. This is the perfect setting for the urban style which makes the atmosphere essential and modern.

It’s the style that sets a trend; it’s suitable for your house in the center of Rome or in any extra-urban district; it’s perfect for your office or for your business location. The urban style is flexible, it fits every space since it has a double soul, both metropolitan and underground.

Urban Style, Interior Design _ Roma

Soft on the lines, the interior design is warm and enchanting. We value the steady character which is represented in the white, grey and black colours. The steel and glass materials make the rooms airy and clean and geometric shapes transmit a sense of order and relax in your mind.

For this project we chose the following products

Between memory and change
An attic full of life
A peaceful spot

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