The sign, the drawing

Handcraft’s imperfection is beauty’s perfection… enter the Kiasmo world.

We dedicated an entire night to this company from Lecce, which we are the only retailing store of in Rome. With a complex and sober style, ermetic and visionary, Kiasmo is a reference in the discipline of arts and design. It is proud, among other things, of the contribution that it received from Antonio Marras.

Kiasmo’s minimalist black lines on a white background, with geometric or figurative drawings, are typical of its style. Each object is the result of an attentive study which makes the pieces unique. As a consequence, it was an honour for us to introduce you to Kiasmo collections and its rational and natural use of materials.

Every sign is a sketch, and Kiasmo is the celebration of that. You walked through various vases made by selected ceramics, while observing the varied shapes of incisions, whether linear or curved. Through the plates you enjoyed the drawings made with the decal technique; some black, others black and gold. Seeing the tiles, decorated with the same technique, you could appreciate the many ways they could be used for.

The collections are signed by Vincenzo D’alba, who was present in the Show-room, drawing directly in front of your eyes on the tiles in order to allow you to go back home with a special memory and a thought in your heart that sometimes simplicity is what surprises you.

Last notes


To send a positive message of union and solidarity, our interior design studio endorsed the beautiful campaign #ioSONOITALIA, promoted by BSG.


A house, a family, an experience

In a beautiful modern stylish attic you had the opportunity to take part in another of our AperiSign Project, an aperitivo concept inside the most wonderful projects.