Between memory and change

In the heart of San Giovanni district, the house is located at the fourth floor of a prestigious and bright building.
The aim was to unify two housing units and to keep a marked distinction between sleeping and living areas.
Contemporary Classical Style, Rome Interior Desgin

A well defined mixture of tradition and innovation. This is how the contemporary classical style was born by blanding together classic forms and modern essence into a new concept of luxury design.

The project designed in Rome, has the best available space without overwhelming it and it is in line with our way of balancing functionally and beauty. Walls and furniture capture different hues of white, beige and brown. We have chosen round and harmonious shapes from tables to chairs until the headboard of the bed.

Strong lines chandeliers in Baroque style are revisited with modern materials and stylized design. Handles, pommel and accessories are made by metallic finishes which offer a contemporary effect. At last, wool carpets and natural textiles, warm and soft, make a cozy atmosphere.    

For this project we chose the following products

A peaceful spot
Light lines, essential forms
An attic full of life

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